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  • Homage to Lofti A. Zadeh

    At IPMU2018 a well-deserved homage will be paid to his scientific work.
    Cádiz, Spain, June 11th - 15th, 2018

  • ISAPEP'21

    5th I W on Intelligent Systems for Agriculture Production and Environment Protection
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 21th - 22th, 2021

  • NIP
    NIP-Software tool to manage
    low quality datasets
    © Univ. Murcia 2012
    R.P.I. nº 8/2012/700

  • FCTA 2011
    Best Student Paper Award
    "Constructing Fuzzy Partitions from Imprecise Data"
    J.M. Cadenas, M.C. Garrido, R. Martinez

  • FCTA 2012
    Best Paper Award
    "Towards an Approach to Select Features from Low Quality Datasets"
    J.M. Cadenas, M.C. Garrido, R. Martinez

Links to Websites

Here you can find links to various websites to support Data Mining and Computational Learning.

    Web pages of Software Tools

WEKA: Data Mining Software in Java
The R Project for Statistical Computing
KEEL: Knowledge Extraction based on Evolutionary Learning
Rapid Miner YALE: Yet Another Learning Environment
Elvira system
Tanagra - a free data mining software for academic and research

    Web pages to Datasets Repositories

  • UCI Machine Learning Repository
  • UCI Knowledge Dicvovery in Databases Archive
  • KEEL Datasets
  • Delve datasets

  •     Web pages with Results

  • Fuzzy p-median

    This web page shows the results obtained for the fuzzy p-median problem, along with a set of instances of this problem. These results can be utilized for the comparison of different techniques designed to resolve the fuzzy-pmedian problem.